About us

Since 2015, the Enterprise Integration Center has been your host at the Smart Logistics Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus and your central point of contact regarding

The Smart Logistics Cluster is one of six clusters realized on RWTH Aachen Campus to date. More than 500 researchers and industrial companies are jointly researching and developing solutions for the optimized integration of goods and information in a digital world of the future. The Enterprise Integration Center is at the heart of the Smart Logistics Cluster. It offers a unique infrastructure consisting of research and office spaces, as well as a conference center. Industrial and trade companies, service providers and software manufacturers work interdisciplinary in the Innovation Labs, the theme park and hand-in-hand with the demonstration factory on global future trends. The Smart Logistics Cluster welcomes more than 15,000 visitors per year. Our visitors benefit from a diverse range of events, professional training and research experiences through guided tours.

The Smart Logistics Cluster and its centers focus on the integrated design of the company of the future, which will need the ability to adapt quickly to the changing trends and influences of the marketplace. An agile, learning company is largely understood as an information processing system. Hence, the cluster and its center activities focus on questions of information processing and its targeted use in terms of information logistics.

Since 2010, FIR at RWTH Aachen University is the cluster-leading institute and drives the development of topics in the Smart Logistics Cluster from a research perspective. The cluster is lead by FIR’s managing director, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Boos.